Things I learned today


This is the first one I’ve gotten in ages. I just thought people had copped on to it at this stage


I know someone who was scammed a few months back by a phone call purporting to be from their bank and who proceeded to unwittingly transfer money to the fraudster. The bank didn’t refund them.


Even though you work in a bank?





If you haven’t received one in ages and it has gone into your main mailbox as opposed to spam, it could actually be genuine. Definitely worth pursuing mate.


Nah. This thing was so badly written, if my eleven year old wrote it, I’d send her to grinds


They have a pretty clever scam at the moment, where the scammer calls you, tells you there has been suspicious activity on your account and to contact to your local branch. The victim then hangs up, and dials the local branch, but the previous call is never terminated so they get reconnected back to the scammers, who then proceed to milk all of the victims bank and personal details.


Americans can’t write well, so that tallies.


You’d know that was a hoax the minute you got through to a human being answering a call at a bank.





Surely only works if they ring a landline?


And an utter simpleton.


Tottenham footballer Heung-min Son is 6’ tall. Always thought he was shorter.


odd thing to learn

@backinatracksuit just the 1 odd here




It is indeed. The strangest of information can hit you at the strangest of times.


Sure he won’t think it’s odd at all now after the precedent you set this morning.


Techno Goddess Nina Kraviz is a dentist from Siberia.


Chips, cheese and gravy is a thing. :grin: