Things I learned today


Some lads have no respect for their bodies.


Magpies are not native Irish birds.

A colony of less than a dozen of them landed in Wexford in 1679 after they were blown across from Britain during a fierce storm. All the magpies in this country are descended from them.

The magpies had obviously sussed out that Wexford would welcome them with open arms and allow them to use the place as a launchpad to take over the rest of the island.


it’s Canada’s national dish…


A country overflowing with French people, and their national dish is gravy chips and cheese,holy god


It’s very nice, if you weren’t so narrow minded you could chance it sometime instead of boring the fuck out of us with your faux disgust.


Mr angry



Not at all mate, honest :flushed:
That tosser has been like a dog with a bone all weekend, there’s only one reason he made those comments.


I’d be angry too bud if I got mugged off by some pikey in a van selling ‘gourmet’ burgers


You’ve been seething since Friday lunchtime mate :smile:


Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard something spreading around the country from Wexford with a penchant for stealing shiny objects.


There’s a place called Waterford in Michigan


Laois, an utterly shit Laois, the worst Laois team in the living memory of the only person (a bit of a cunt) I know of from that county, have beaten Armagh, a team hyped by a supposedly astute football follower, 4 times in the last twelve months. :joy:


You have a lovely way of summing things up sometimes.

Not this time, but sometimes.


The bit about the cunt from Laois was well put I thought.


Cyrus Christie is a nephew of former boxer Errol Christie who passed away the weekend .


Chaim Herzog, the sixth President of Israel (1983-93) was born in Belfast in 1918 and raised in Dublin.

Herzog was born on 17 September 1918 in Cliftonpark Avenue in Belfast, Ireland, the son of Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, who was Chief Rabbi of Ireland from 1919 to 1937 (and, later, of Mandatory Palestine and the State of Israel), and his wife Sara (née Hillman) His father was born in Łomża, Poland, and his mother in Latvia; his maternal grandfather was the Orthodox Jewish Talmudic scholar Shmuel Yitzchak Hillman. The family home from 1919 was at 33 Bloomfield Avenue, Portobello, Dublin.

Herzog’s father, a fluent speaker of the Irish language, was known as “the Sinn Féin Rabbi” for his support of the First Dáil and the Irish Republican cause during the Irish War of Independence. Herzog studied at Wesley College, Dublin and was involved with the Federation of Zionist Youth and Habonim Dror, the Labour-Zionist movement, during his teenage years.

The family emigrated to Mandatory Palestine in 1935; Herzog subsequently served in the Jewish paramilitary group Haganah during the 1936–39 Arab revolt. He went on to earn a degree in law at University College London, and then qualified as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn.

In the British Army during World War II, latterly as an officer, he received the nickname “Vivian” because the British could not pronounce “Chaim”. He returned to Palestine after the war and, following the end of the British Mandate and Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948, operated in the battles for Latrun during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. He retired from the Israel Defence Forces in 1962 with the rank of Major-General.

Herzog died in 1997.


It is estimated that 5 million people worldwide are bitten by snakes every year, with 100,000 dying and 400,000 ending up crippled or maimed, mostly in developing countries.


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