Things I learned today


Incorrect. This is doing the rounds on Twitter over the last few days. it’s a recent suggestion for the term, a previous one being that it was an acronym for North, East, West and South. However the most likely explanation is that the origination of the term is a derivative of the the French term ‘les nouvelles’ a plural of the word ‘new’.

Occam’s Razor and all that.


Ah come on Mac


Fucks sake




NESW ???




the scotch irish world for someone mentally disabled is “wee daftie” :joy:


It takes eight minutes for sunlight to reach the earth


Next thing you’ll be saying that sound and light don’t travel at the same speed.


And that’s without traffic


The same length of time it would take @artfoley to walk to work


And the same amount of time it would take for that sunlight to be reflected back to its origin off his shiny, baldy head.


In theory then, if he could make it in four minutes, he could keep himself company on the way


Rickie Fowler is knocking off Allison Stokke now

I wouldn’t have backed him for the US Open if I’d known that


Some cracker still.


I read that as Robbie Fowler.


So Allison, what attracted you to the millionaire Rickie Fowler?


I’d say Robbie Fowler would have more chance of riding Rickie than Allison


The medical profession don’t understand how general anaesthetic actually works. Holy fuck.


General anaesthetic is fairly scary stuff, real buried alive sort of shit, my wife was under one time for wisdom teeth and she knew what was happening but couldn’t communicate.
Are you reading ‘Black box thinking’ by any chance?