Things I learned today





Technically yesterday. You can cast through every Sky Q box without the need for a Chromecast


Garryowen rugby, Limerick golf club and limerick lawn tennis club all got big loan write offs in the past few years. Garryowen got 400k. Helps to have bank managers as members I guess


You can add a long list of GAA clubs to this. Will be v difficult for clubs to borrow money going forward I’d say. What Bank is gonna repossess a GAA field


Slight misrepresentation there. The original loan was with ulster bank who wanted to fuck off out of market. There was a write down as the loan got transfered.


I have not heard of any sports club getting a significant write down until a conversation last night. My informant is a Garryowen man.

What other clubs got a write down?


Where is the misrepresentation? Limerick golf club got a write down on a loan.


You’re implying they got a write down based on having bankers as members. This was initiated by the bank.




Go away outta that.


Why so tetchy?


He’s casting aspersions on my golf club


Dozens across all sports. Many through loan sales where the new purchaser did a deal with them.


A toaster works better if you actually plug the fucking thing in


I saw a headline in the Kilkenny people.

‘Roaster Stumped by Toaster’.


Isaac Asimov died from AIDS. (from a blood transfusion.


That people still believe that antibiotics helps to fight the common cold


Tarbert and Killimer were once seperated by 4000 miles, and the river Shannon source is in Northern Ireland


The shannon pot is in Dowra Co Cavan