Things I learned today


Northern Ireland? You fucking gimp


FFS sake :rollseyes:
Typical fucking answer from a holocaust denier.


Are you fuckin drunk,Shannon Pot or Legnashinna is a pool in the karst landscape near Cuilcagh Mountain in County Cavan, Ireland. An aquifer-fed naturally fluctuating pool, it is the traditional source of the River Shannon.


Ya mate, have you heard the world is round???


Head shot


Ya mate, sure holy God created the river Shannon and that’s that :rofl:


Look, you’ve been badly exposed, just let it go.


I hope he isn’t a geography teacher


Things I learned today mate,
In my line of work I know well what the ‘traditional’ source of the Shannon is, I hadn’t you pegged as an ape who can’t listen to new evidence. :astonished:



What part of NI is that in lad?


Rathlin Island


Cavan is in northern Ireland.


It’s in Ulster . The term Northern Ireland is partitionist , Cavan is arguably in the north of Ireland .


The term “Northern Ireland” is partitionist. The term “northern Ireland” isn’t.


ooooffttt to the dinosaurs


Cat got your tongue @Massey?
Nice to learn something new


Northern Ireland??? You fucking wanker


It’s written there in black and white mate, are you trying to move the goalposts? I have no interest in your politics mate,
This is a spectacular triumph for me,


I couldn’t give a fuck about your shitty victory… Keep your lickspittle servile bollox off my board.