Things I learned today


Some runoff water goes into the Shannon Pot so?The Shannon Pot in Dowra Co Cavan is the source of the Shannon.Cavan is in the Rep of Ireland.It took you 12 hours to find that on Google.


Poor enough backtrack really, no honour in that


Sracadh is the Irish word for a fucker.


Things I learned yesterday. Fota Wildlife Park is far superior to Dublin Zoo. No comparison. Zoo is still a good day out but not a patch on Fota. Most surprised


I said to the same to the Mrs on our recent visit to Dublin Zoo. I’d much prefer photo. Especially now they have the new Asian Jungle section they aren’t really lacking anything that Dublin has. Plus I found in Dublin you could go a decent stretch without actually seeing any animal. Fota you are constantly surrounded by them.


That’s Cork for you


Yeah lot of the animals weren’t really on full view yesterday in zoo. Fsr better parking and food facilities in Fota as well surprisingly.


Parking at Dublin Zoo is a joke


Yeah dont think anyone would object to paying 5 or 10 quid for proper parking facilities.


Yeah sure you’d nearly spend that on diesel driving around for a half hour looking for parking


Going there when I am home. Great space there.


Its been improved wholesale in the last few years

I have the annual pass for 170 quid. Free into dublin zoo with it as well


And sure with the free train you’re practically making money every time you go


Police use hollow tipped bullets. Illegal in war. Rationale is that the bullet will not leave body and hit a bystander. They cause massive damage to person shot.

Interview of the Ray D’arcy show on my parents coffee table with trauma surgeon who was there for the recent terrorist attacks in London and is Irish.


Dettol Hand Sanitizer doesn’t make good shampoo.


You’d be better off using washing up liquid


This year’s Mr Irrelevant on the NFL draft, QB Chad Kelly (Denver Broncos), won a National Championship with East Mississippi Lions, the team featured on Last Chance U, in 2014.


He’s the nephew of Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly


I learned that on draft day.


Any relation to the Moran’s of Ahane?