Things I learned today


The Japanese used to use human shit to fertilise their paddy fields


That Tadgh de Burca will get off with the face guard offence fact.




About vantablack, fascinating.


That yer man Matic who plays for Chelsea actually now plays for Manchester United.


Former Ireland defender Kevin Foley, who was left out of the Euro 2012 squad at the last minute for Paul McShane is now playing for Billericey Town in the seventh tier of English football


Did you read that Jermaine Pennant article as well?


I did


Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States.
Or it used to be.


Sixth if you go by metro area which is probably more relevant.


Conor McGregor was a tramp a few years ago.


The once-mighty Netherlands are now a lowly 36th in the FIFA Rankings.

EDIT - Didn’t mean to reply to the previous post. Hit the wrong button.


Does Paddy Cullen(ex Dublin manager/goalkeeper) have anything to do with Paddy Cullen’s pub in Ballsbridge?

It’s a thing I want to learn today.


Not for years. He did own it before alright


Nothing gets past you pal…


A bit like Paddy Cullen himself.


It went over his head alright


Always thought the place was a bit of a dive to be honest


Agreed. Not many saving graces


John Mullane said I love me County and not I loves me County.