Things I learned today


A lovely song, I love the complete lack of rhyme.
Tell him Angela and I don’t want the two dollars back, just him :ok_hand:


The reason the rubberbandits wear bags over their heads is so they can get little part time jobs to pay the bills




I thought it was because they are ugly bastards.


Mostly the part time job thing though


For an average Honduran man the odds of being murdered over the course of a lifetime are one in nine.


My aunt’s brother is a Columban priest in his 70’s living in Lima. He was attacked by three lads after returning home from the bank. They battered him and shot him twice in the leg. Reckons he was set up, probably by someone working in the bank.


You wouldn’t want to be above average


Is your aunts brother not your uncle?


Only if the aunt had bollox.


No. Although another uncle on this side is also a columban priest.


Aren’t you an awful cunt to have him emptying money out of the vending machines at he’s age.


How did they end up with one Columbian in the family is a better question


Tottenham’s new stadium will have a dedicated “cheese room”.

Gives a new meaning to “the Shelf”.


Sounds dodgy to me. When someone gets their knees done they’re usually a joyrider, a drug pusher or a tout.
Different rules in Lima maybe


That’s a round about way of saying your father is an elderly Colombian priest living in Peru.

There’s no shame in that, mate.


A great man for the personal at family reunions.


Doesn’t go Medellin in your personal business either.


When ABBA performed 'Waterloo ’ at the 1974 Eurovision Great Britain awarded them nul pwa.