Things I learned today


Only thing they got right in the 70s. Awful dirge.


John Stocktons son David plays with the Utah Jazz in the NBA. This could also be on the things that make me feel old thread


A masterclass from glasagusban


Stockton was a contemporary of Jordan, Barkley etc, it’s hardly surprising that he has a son in tne NBA surely?


Blindboy’s granda and histwo brothers were in Tom Barry’s flying column, took part in Kilmichael and had a guest of the nation style experience with a captured auxie
Blind boy may be a bit of an annoying cunt but he’s an interesting one


Its the ‘Things I Learned Today’ thread. The ‘Surprising Things I Learned Today’ is a different thread


Did they put a bag over the Auxie’s head?


He dug ditches with them and fitted in like a family member, he was an East Londoner salt of tne earth type
Tom Barry had him shot


Gareth Bale is a Munster Rugby fan.


Some good lines in this

A history of Ireland in phrases as Gaeilge (via @IrishTimes)


He was also the US Ryder Cup captain for the infamous “War On The Shore” in 1991.


I’d say that might have been hes brudher








WB Yeats lived in a small house on the edge of a cliff overlooking balscadden bay in howth from 1880-1883.*

*meant to post this yesterday.


Just set up a things I learned yesterday thread instead.


The internet has no borders


Not according to a US court of appeals


Ronaldinho is into polygamy