Things I learned today


25% of the population of Dublin were not born in Ireland.

33% of the workforce in Dublin were not born in Ireland.


A ‘one in one out’ policy is the way forward






He can’t relax until all the social justice has been dished out through social media.


Strength training can combat depression


There is a city in Canada called Mississauga and it is the sixth largest city in Canada.


I am a TFK devotee…

“This badge is granted for visiting 365 consecutive days. Wow, an entire year!”

Time flies…


That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Am I that great?


I had thought it was just a suburb of Toronto. Centres are very close to each other and Toronto airport is in Mississauga. didnt realise either that it had its own city status distinct from Toronto


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my wives make up about 3% of that figure


Corrected now.

my wife’s family make up about 3% of that figure


Canadian cities follow the US model of strict city lines. For example west Vancouver and north Vancouver are entirely different cities from Vancouver. Mississauga is in the (GTA Greater Toronto Area)



The Sound of Music was released in Hong Kong as Fairy Music Blow Fragrant Place, Place Hear.


There are three people in the world who make croquet balls.


Sounds like bullshit but I’ve given it a like. Wonderful stuff @Fitzy


Report on ABC News Breakfast this morning, they interviewed one of them. He’s from the NT town of Humpty Doo. Which is a real place.


My favourite Nina Simone song, Everyone’s Gone to the Moon, was written by convicted paedophile Jonathan King.