Things I learned today


The PM of Papua New Guinea is Peter O’Neill #oneofourown


From askeaton?


The Laois County Board Chairman? Bejaysus.


The TFK dungeon actually exists. I thought it was just a fictional place. Silly me…


If you put a bottle of white wine in the freezer to cool it and leave it 5 and half hours it will freeze and the expanded frozen liquid will push the cork out of the bottle


Silkworms eat mulberry leaves.


Ferenc Puskas played for Spain at the 1962 World Cup. I’m astonished I wasn’t previously aware of this.


Barry manilows “I write the songs” was written by someone else, one of the beach boys.


Bruce Johnston.


Eric Dier is a grandson of Ted Croker


Ted Croker was an English football administrator.


I doubt it


I was going to make that joke but I thought it’d be very niche


The half dozen Limerick lads on here would have got it.


Very droll.


Harry Kane from Limerick has a dog named Brady,


Gardaland is a popular theme park in Italy, and has a large area dedicated to Peppa Pig…


Can you go for a ride in a squad car there?


The big attraction is the Looking Out For Broken Wing Mirrors Experience.


Every single World Cup winning captain had previously won a trophy at club level.