Things I learned today


There’s a whole lake called lake garda believe it or not.
I suspect it has no hidden depths.


Highly excitable RTE rugby commentator Michael Corcoran’s daughter has just married Irish prop-forward Jack McGrath.


The Irish rugby community is quite a small one


There are 47 counties in Kenya.


Them Nairobi cunts get more Coaching and Development Funding than the other 46 put together.


I know, the bastards. It’s probably why Laikipia haven’t won anything since 1973.


Brian O Driscoll is a Unionist lickspittle


He’ll get a Knighthood yet.



Is he deranged? There’s the obvious quip about bangs to the head, but if he was some random punter coming out with that you’d be thinking about sending him to the nut house.

What a weird fucker.


Named his offspring Billy & Sadie, twas hardly a suprise to see him marching around bating a Lambeg.


Did you read the article? Its about his wife you ape


He has cake in his freezer for 4 years. He loves the royals and the Orange Order.

He should be sectioned.


You are sinn feins shame


There’s a pair of them in it.


They are angling for an OBE … It’s pathetic really.


He is a disgusting person

He should fuck off to the home counties


They’re a pair of cretins


A fucking slice of wedding cake in the freezer for four years and she taking it out every now and again to have a sniff of it to remind herself of what a royalist forelock tugger she is.


Unbelievable shit alright