Things I learned today


i’d Say he has soup in the fridge as well the fucking cunt.


I’ve met @glasagusban.


Is it true what they say?


Definitely. He’s a man of the world.


was it his decision to get rid of the vending machines from (insert name of) Department?


Dont Fuck About @artfoley . Apparently he’s an admirer of my work.


which work? is there something here you haven’t confessed to your closest e-friends?


Couldn’t possibly say. Maybe how I got my own back on some sneaky cunt who used to nick Star Bars from the machines in Mary I. cc @Robert_Emmet


:hushed: I’ll take a PM






You’ll find out soon enough.


We’re low on Mars bars?




At least half the posters on tfk take drugs. Others scoff away about it but drink on not realising that they too, by drinking take one of the worst and devastating drug there is. Its fascinating to watch


Some serious insight there.


Flesh that out for us fella. I’m about to roll a little joint and I;ve a beer in the freezer. I don’t know what to do now…


Ring around and see is there a communion on tomorrow so you can snort a few lines in the jacks of your local gah club


I’m busy tomorrow. Maimeó and Daideó are taking the little fella and the young lady is at a camp so I’ll be doing a bit of work and having a decent swim. Great way to get rid of the pints I’ve had this evening. Can’t wait.


Am I the only poster on TFK who neither drinks nor takes drugs?