Things I learned today


Says the man who has to dry out once a year due to the amount he’s drinking


No. I dont either. Clean living for me.


Me too. I’m practically a monk


Drinking alcohol generally doesn’t financially support criminals and murderers


You’ll find many governments throughout the world are murderous bastards. They get plenty of cash from alcohol and tobacco sales too which are both by far the worst drugs health wise.


Is the Irish government?


They’re full of gangsters
Edit: little Ireland😂


A piss easy way to clean a microwave is to put a bowl of water with some vinegar in it and put it on for a few miinutes. The water and vinegar evaporates all over the place and you can just wipe it clean. Piece of piss and brownie points galore.


Staying up gambling on Brasilian serie b football was a bad idea.


Birr castle is home to what was once the world’s biggest telescope


Dreadful admission, the biffos coming back to haunt @iron_mike.

A bad omen I’d fear.


Certain species of bats don’t age


Vampire bats.


That’s the irony!


As an aside, most large animals live long lives. Small animals generally live short lives. Bats are the exception, for their size they live extremely long lives.


There are native lizards in Ireland. This has blown my mind


Can’t believe you’ve never seen one. You must be some serious townie, where are you from?

They’re just tiny little things, an inch or two long, all green coloured from what I’ve seen. When I was a young lad, splashing in muddy Monaghan puddles, I used to think you were a lot more likely to see them when it was raining.


They featured on that nature show that ran for a few Sunday nights recently. A heap of them near some beach in Dublin.

I remember finding them in the backyard as a young lad.


I spent most of my childhood in the subtropical rainforest like environment that are woods in Wexford and I never saw one. I’m astonished there are native lizards in Ireland.


they aren’t native, they’re tadpoles that got zapped by radiation from sellafield water