Things I learned today


You spend too long staring at screens Fitzy.


it was Windscale Water back then


I from whest Limerick can’t believe I didn’t know this. I thought St Patrick got rid of all that sort. I’ll be on look out for cunts now


he got pissed after the parade and forgot about the tadpoles



They lied to us again.


Never seen those particular reptiles in the north.


Ye’ve enough of them up there.



@glenshane, that Irish wildlife website I linked to didn’t list any sightings in the 6 counties but I spotted mine about 5 miles from the border so the lizards must have infiltrated occupied territory. I can’t imagine them being Sindo loving partitionists.


Yes, hence the use of “particular”. But I think you got that, unlike our would-be ayatollah!


In Iran we don’t give anything out that easy. The path to paradise is hard work.


No freebies


Still ridin’ your camel?


Many down the mosque today?


Dreadful news for the rugby/music fraternity. The Foden/Healy Nerney union has been severed.


Did he tackle her above the shoulder line?


No. He tackled others below the waist.


Frank Murphy refereed the 1981 all Ireland hurling final .


In what context?


The cunt that decided throwing the ball into the net was legal?