Things I learned today


Well I never


Netherland Antilles ceased to exist in 2010.
Source of this info - the great Jerry Kiernan on RTEs athletics coverage this afternoon.


Sinn fein’s Michelle o Neill has, in an ironic twist, broken her knee.


Well if that doesn’t cap it all.


Did you make that up?:joy::joy:


I did. It’s nice to be appreciated round here for a change.


ní cheapann


I’m sure she will up and kangarooing round in no time.


Jonathan aitkens sister played John cleeses wife in a fish called Wanda.


John Lennon named his band “The Beatles” with an “a” as a seminal pun on the word “beat”. I can’t believe I never realized this.
They were named after insects in honour of Buddy Holly and the Crickets.


I think Frank presided over the 1971 final as well.


Jermaine Pennant’s book looks like it will drive a few people mad.

Don’t think Ashley Cole will be too happy with him.


With any luck he will actually swerve off the road.


Some extracts from Pennants book…

You get drunk, you talk to every bird, pull one, take her home and next day at training you tell the lads all about it.

They ask questions and you’re telling them: “She was filth, she did this, she loved it.”

That’s what they want. They don’t want to be digging in their purses and buying their own drinks at the bar: they’d rather sit with footballers and get free drinks all night. They’re coming over to get drunk and have some fun.

They know about you, your profile. They’re thinking: “It’d be nice to bag a footballer.”

What they don’t yet know is that you are literally going to take them home or to a hotel, have sex, do all sorts, and probably won’t speak to them again. We don’t care, and the reality is that we just want a sh*g.

We used to call it Monopoly. You have your “properties”, all different standards. You’ve got Mayfair (top quality) and Old Kent Road (the lower standard – no one wants to be there).

So we would gauge each girl as a property on the Monopoly board. If she was fit and famous then she’s high property, worth a lot, possibly Bond Street or Mayfair.

Then there was a girl a lot of the lads had been with and she would be Old Kent Road. You get the gist.

It worked like this. If I slept with any girl and then any of the other lads slept with her afterwards, they would have to pay me “rent”: if she was Mayfair, they would have to pay me £100; for Old Kent Road it would be £14.

I remember one of the lads coming up to me and saying: “Here’s 14 quid.” I started laughing and just went, “Old Kent Road!”

Then, out of the blue, one of the lads would say to me: “J, you owe me some money.” I’d ask why and they’d say, “Lucy – you owe me £20.”

The number of times Ashley Cole and I had threesomes! He lived in Canary Wharf and I forget the girl’s name now, but we brought her back and she was just up for it. We were high-fiving each other over her back. We had a little tea break and then went at it again. They just don’t care.


Where do you start with that? … What a stupid little man.

I’d say @Mark_Renton is sweating all the same.


It’s lucky he can’t read it.


No wonder the rugby lads got off…


This lad’s not very smart.


The snowflakes are going to burn J at the stake for this. Resident anti-misogyny campaigner @Fagan_ODowd is also going to be appalled.


I never understood the public’s dislike for Ashley Cole .