Things I learned today


And what has that taught you today?




So what ya post it on this thread for?


The thread took a diversion as tends to happen . A potential Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography is being discussed .


Helena Bonham Carter is a great grand daughter of British prime minister HH Asquith




Joe Canning hasn’t scored a goal from play for Galway in Championship since 24/07/2016


That lad couldn’t spell IQ


I queue up behind Ashley Cole waiting my turn?



Daithi Burke is a media darling


Are games in the Joe McDonagh cup not still considered “inter-county SHC” games?


Ireland hates the pope.




He seems a lovely man, can’t understsnd Why anyone would hate him


I think it would be technically classed as “Senior B”.


Stephen Rea was married to Dolores Price for 20 years.


The rather naff song ‘Don’t Stop (thinking about tomorrow)’ is on the acclaimed Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac.


farmer has never listened to one of the most acclaimed albums ever: Rumours by Fleetwood mac


Not cool enough. It has tunes on it.