Things I learned today


The girl who plays Alex in Modern Family voices Sofia the First

By the way, you’re welcome guys if that puts the theme tune in your head


That the lads behind sub sub of ain’t no love fame

Went on to become doves


A rollercoaster can help pass kidneystones.


If they’re at the side of the track.


Thought that was fairly common knowledge.

Think their studio burnt down when they were Sub Sub


Dion Dublin now presents BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer.


Working from home mate?


Agile working on a Friday is one of life’s little pleasures.


Signing in.


Sporting Limerick has a website that caters for all Limerick sports, not just GAA.

I know…
That’s one that must have slipped through the net.

It’s not a bad site actually. Gives it’s contact details as Markets Field.


Ye Olde League Cup has abolished extra-time, at least in the round that’s being played this week.

This is not a welcome development as I loved a bit of Ye Olde League Cup extra-time once in a while.


Leitrim has more GAA clubs than Fermanagh


Half lake, half protestant sure.


Shur there’s fucking nothing in Leitrim.


There was a fella on Radio One (I think) the other morning complaining that there were too many trees in Leitrim now cc @Boxtyeater
He wanted a moratorium on tree plantations in Leitrim. Although to be fair to him he was complaining about all the spruce trees being planted instead of native trees as well and he’s spot on in that.


He’s dead fuckin right.Coillte can plant as many acres as they like with spruce right up to your back door but if @Boxtyeater wants to build a hen house he’ll need planning permission,never mind the chemicals they spray out of the helicopters.Fucking cunts.


Land is sold in Fermanagh by the gallon


No matter how much chemical they use they don’t seem to be able to cure the madness up there


Oh my god, remember when it was a thing to have your school books covered in wall paper.


The Millennials wouldn’t understand the tough times we endured.