Things I learned today


we gave the world everything, we wrote the magna carter when the likes of the oirish and indians were shtting in holes in the ground and fighting donkeys


Now ye are writing Mick Carter in jail .


The Italians are still shitting in holes in the ground @Tassotti


Obviously you’re not acquainted with brehon law.puts the Norman law to shame


brehon laws were invented by fairies, eddie lenihan type shite, the type of lad who wanted motorway construction halted because there was a fairy tree in the way


The UK justice system is basically pre Napoleonic frog law. So even post brexit it’ll still be the frogs ruling the Brits.


Correct… the Brehon laws were extremely progressive by modern terms let alone 1500-2000 years ago. We were way out ahead … then the church and the crown destroyed that and rendered us paupers.


Good man. Put it up to the bastards


The meaning of egregious changed over the years. It originally meant remarkably good but now the common understanding is shockingly bad


It’s egregious the way that happened


When he was young he was an egregious hurler but he’s gone fucking egregious lately


The magna carter :smile::smile:


Was that the bill of rights that gave the lords the right to rape their peasants?


I always thought it meant unusual, but in a nice way. An egregious character. We’ve both learned something today.


That’ll change my tinder swiping.


Same wit wicked innit


I dunno mate, a bit of stretch there, almost defying gravity in fact.


Finnegans in Annacotty is still going


Agatha Christie’s book, ‘And then there were ten’, was originally called ‘Ten Little Niggers’ - before changing it to ‘Ten Little Indians’ and then finally to ‘And then there were ten’


And then there were none