Things I learned today


The most successful people in Ireland (traditional definition of success) are the sons of East Galway farmers


Whats the traditional definition?


Apple watches can record videos .


Jermaine Pennant was on the Jeremy Kyle show today. :open_mouth:


Not called pyjamas anymore.
Now known as lounge wear sets.


Are they still calling smoking jackets bath robes?


Dunno kid. Bit I was fucking astounded by the pyjamas thing.


The problem was the townies were wearing them 24/7. Something had to change- calling them pyjamas made them feel useless and lazy




How’d he get on? Jermaine’s an alright sort, just likes his women and a few drinks.



There is a Wicklow GAA Centre of Excellence.

Seriously. I saw sign posts for it.


Pity no-one else did


Jermaine was very honest, now I only watched the last video but he seems a decent bloke who’s made the odd error. Jeremy Kyle of course came across like the devil’s spawn he is. His mrs is a cracker also.


Jamal Khashoggi was a first cousin of Dodd Faye’s and a nephew of the late Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.


He had to go


He was a big mate of Bin Laden.


Was He?


Was in Afghanistan with him. Big gooners fan as well.


He had to go. They gave him an awful doing. The sliced his lad off when he was still alive