Things I learned today


Man Utd have now conceded 16 goals in the league this season, more than Chelsea conceded in Jose Mourinho’s entire first season at the club.


BBC News have a west African dialect version of their website. BBC Pidgin


Thas ulster scots so it is.




Those cunts in Stira didn’t actually invent the folding attic stairs.

Just seen a set of them in the Exorcist which was made in 1973.

Another 20 years before mick the muldoon copped on to them :joy:


At least we had torch lights.


I learned that Ireland has woken. The blow has been struck.

We build from here.


Too small a country and too many nomads


The Olympia Theatre in Dublin has rented their toilet brushes for the last 30 years.


Are you going for the contract?


The milk fluffer I’ve been using for years makes cold froth if you hold the button down for two seconds.


Surely you mean frother, a fluffer is something entirely different


Jeeves is very versatile.


Certainly is if he can do a cold fluff


The name Flatty is starting to make more sense now


Between photos from airports and celebrity spotting efforts I’m coming around to the idea that @Bod95 may be holidaying in Lanzarote.

Just in case anyone’s missed it… :pint:


Former England Manager Peter Taylor manages Dagenham and Redbridge in the Vanarama National League.




A cursory peek into the history of incumbents of this dubious honour indicates only 1 manager with a 100pc win ratio…

Sam Allardyce no less. P1 W1. Every image of Sam reminds me of a jovial old style butcher burbling about 2lb of stewing beef.


Vanarama is a van-leasing company in the UK and NOT a little known island nation in the South Pacific.