Things I learned today


Limerick city has a “ fashion quarter “ .


Weren’t they the original “ girl band” ?


It sure has, Primark,Heatons & the city favourite, Guineys.


no shaws, almost nationwide?


No heatons or Shaw’s in Limerick city mate




Really? How’d I miss that, where?


it’s in the crescent. Not the city.


There may be a Heatons somewhere else in the city though? You are correct that The Crescent is outside the City Bounds. These are the crucial little things that blow ins really show themselves up on the Internet over


Don’t worry pal, the question was in reference to the supposed ‘fashion quarter’ so city centre would have been assumed. There’s also a Heatons on Childers road.


I’m not worried mate.


Correct. I does believe Childer’s Road is officially part of the city.


Apologies mate, the fashion quarter bit meant that I was referring to the city centre, you had me thinking there was one on William street


If you’re going that restrictive even William St doesn’t apply. I’m not even sure you can actually buy clothes in the Fashion Quarter. I might have bough a ski jacket in Emerald Alpine once.


Indeed, it’s not exactly a hub for menswear but it’s choc a bloc with ladies ‘boutiques’ etc. Mike O’Connell’s shop is there but I’ve never been inside.


Is the place/market/ down the lane still going on Catherine street - near the fashion quarter?


Lucky lane is in the heart of it, my missus speaks highly of it.


Fuck sake


This forum is on its last legs. Same aul “banter” is killing it. Pity.


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