Things I learned today


Hospitals in Ireland close for 7 days over Christmas


Averil Power has left Fionnan Sheehan and shacked up with a young one


She left him for a woman?


Yes @Funtime knows the details.


Less said the better




The first rap to be performed on RTÉ was by a group named “Rap Against Rape” in 1991.


Mairead McGuinness is Vice President of the European Parliament, I did not know that


What a joke. Her professional background is presenting the price of spuds on ear to the ground.


She’s gone up in my estimation


It’s much easier to take a wee on a virgin pendolino than on iarnrod eireann.


I was on a oirish train there last month, 50% of the jacks were broken and blocked with piss and shit, it was like something you’d see in India, one lad working in the bar then, trying to serve 20 lads at one time


Getting trains to hovels like Clare and Galway must be the pits alright. You get a much better class of train on the red eye from Cork to Dublin.


A great service. The train station in Charleville is fierce handy to have.


The micks roaring and bawling for drink. They couldn’t survive two hours on a train without drink. The Oirish have an awful problem with alcohol.


Very handy from Charleville up to Dublin.


a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol


It takes over their lives.


lads on here drinking 7 days a week, some of them must an awful size


What do you expect if you don’t book the first class carriage.