Things I learned today


floella Benjamin is now in the house of lords as Baroness Benjamin, of Beckenham in the County of Kent.


Does she sit next to Baron Diddlesbury there?


nah, hes on the opposite benches with the tories :smiley:


What were you expecting them to be blocked with? Pineapples?


And the stupid fuckers trying to get a nice arty picture of their can of pisswater while rattling through Ballybrophy at 100mph :grinning:


That the DEW in Tullamore DEW is actually the initials of the founder Daniel E Williams


Did you take a drink on the train going to , or coming from the all Ireland .


No. I had left the car in Charleville. I had two pints in Clonliffe House.


100mph :joy:,this isn’t Japan mate,a train in Ireland would be lucky to get up to 40mph before slowing down again.



This painting sold for €79m at Christies auction today. We are in wrong profession lads.


And the cunt with his brown shoes, ridiculous.


You’re letting yourself down here mate, that’s transcendental


What’s transcendental about it?


You’ve no soul


Yep. Transcends anything half sensible.


You’re dead inside


There is a new definition of kilogram.


The story of the kilogram is strangely interesting




Le Grand K