Things I learned today


Agreed. Very French


There’s a lovely melancholy quality to that article.

Photons are a tricky wee yoke.


8D (8-Dimensional) Audio is unrale


I find the sound sliding from left to right and right to left annoying quite quickly. Do you need special headphones for it


Don’t think so.


George Thorgood played ‘semi-pro baseball’


He destroyed them


Ladies Gaelic football has more players than men’s rugby.



More people watched the Croatia vs England soccer match during the summer on RTÉ than the Ireland vs NZ rugby test match on Saturday.

I found this somewhat surprising


English soccer is the oirish national sport .


Why? Soccer is far more popular than rugby.


+1. You scouse cunt.


What were the viewing figures for the republic of ireland (no such country) v norn iron conpared to the rugby


The soccer game was not on terrestrial tv so not a valid comparison .




Oh ok had no idea.


Not true. Rugby is very popular in Ireland.


Problem mate? Why do you dislike rugby


It is true, mate.


By god