Things I learned today


No, Iheanacho never played for England.


That’s probably due to the fact that he’s Nigerian and has played for them 23 times.


Thanks for reinforcing my point that he never played for England. I’m not sure it needed your hamfisted point hammering but between us there should be nobody on the board who is under the illusion that Iheanacho has ever or could ever play for England.


Rashford is absolutely quality Jose has sucked the confidence out of him.

#4810 Love this goal against fc peds


Pellegrini was the manager then. And that was Martin Demichelis he waltzed around. Who was about 45 at the time


that’s a good point.

Who has Jose destroyed now?


Anyone else?


The PEDs only came in since Pep came in in fairness


Rashford is only just 21. Bizarre to be writing him off.




he had a first touch on the edge of the 18 yard box last night that went out for a goal kick


Players can miscontrol a Ball.


Herrera’s just shite


They can but his second touch is a tackle every time.


Rashford is just your classic example of confidence and weight of expectation. He’ll be fine.


He tried to ruin Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne but they got out in time


That’s nonsense. Both players were onloan at other clubs the year he won the league with Chelsea.


exhibit one - character assassination of Kevin De Bruyne

Jose Mourinho on Salah

" But he came as a young kid, physically he was not ready, mentally he was not ready, socially and culturally he was lost and everything was tough for him."

Jose Mourinho on Luke Shaw -

He ruins players.

#4824 Don’t believe everything you read in papers. Every player has his own agenda. Luke Shaw has copped and is playing well now.


those were direct quotes from Jose Mourinho (on players he signed in the case of Salah and De Bruyne)
Do you think he improves players?

Guardiola has a known set against egotistical players mate. He gets rid of anyone who thinks they are bigger than the team. Ibra is the biggest ego in world football (albeit a fantastic player). Was never gonna work.