Things I learned today


He didn’t sign the players the club did. Chelsea mop up young players, loan them out and sell them on for profit. Odd that given ped has a massive ego himself.


Racefoed is finshed


Jose Mourinho on Mo Salah

“People say that I was the one that sold Salah and it is the opposite,” he told ESPN Brasil. "I bought Salah.

"It is the opposite. I was the one that bought Salah. I was the one that told Chelsea to buy Salah. It was with me in charge that Salah came to Chelsea. But he came as a young kid, physically he was not ready, mentally he was not ready, socially and culturally he was lost and everything was tough for him


You shouldn’t believe everything in the papers.


those are direct quotes straight of the special ones gob.


You said Marcus rashford is useless. He’s 21. Then you started talking about two young players who left Jose mourinho managed clubs and done really well for themselves. It’s a pity you can’t see that maybe under a different manager Marcus rashford could thrive.


He’s had three since he broke into United’s team and hasn’t really thrived. I don’t fancy his chances.


stuff like this will obviously not do the lads confidence any good


Would he go to City I wonder?


Look at what Pep has done for Raheem Sterling, who was a bang average 21 year old when he got him…

20 goal a season winger now, banging them in and up around the top of the assist charts


Ah shite thought ye were on about Big Rom.


He wasn’t bang average — he needed plenty of coaching tho.

Anyway - is this for real?


Divock Origi is still at Liverpool.


rashford is a poor mans Walcott


:joy: :joy: :joy:


I learned this over the weekend.

It is common for those from working class areas of Dublin to wolf whistle through the playing of Insomnia by Faithless by a DJ.


Does ‘working class’ mean on the dole?


No - these bunch of lads were workers, as Joe Higgins would say.


What a fuckin tune


It took us 20 centuries to double the human lifespan. We will triple it in the next 100 years as the manipulation of DNA is set to see people living close to 150 years.

They’ll just need knew organs along the way.