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They can grow them


Yup… Well on the way to that already. Organs made to order… 120 year olds are going to be all the norm in your grand kids time.


That’s very much disputed, kid. Plenty of humans lived to their 70’s and 80’s 2,000 years ago so that has been our lifespan for thousands of years. Our life expectancy has been much shorter though due to lack of medicine, war, famine, etc so we have increased our life expectancy. To triple our life span or even increase it by 50 years in the next 100 years is highly debatable and would require some very ethically questionable methods to do so.


Possibly - if there’s still an inhabitable earth.



The light above my head went BAM!!


Yes, people lived to 70 and 80 centuries ago in the same way people are living to 112 now… It’s rare… The majority of people died in their 40s and 50s up to a few hundred years ago… in our life time it has jumped to 80s being the norm, hence it has doubled. But the manipulation of DNA hasn’t been used for any of that, just better health care , conditions and food.

And three times 40 is 120 pal.

Anyway, I’m gonna mark this post and in 80 years time you are gonna look like a right fool when I bump it.


You’re using very questionable calculations there, bro. You mentioned living to 150 in your original post. Anyway, as you say, we’ll see in 2098 who is wrong and who is right.


I did say people will be living near 150… But I’m not gonna fall out with my bestie over a few years.


Everyone knows when insomina is playing you have to whistle to the sound of woo woo woo


The delectable Prof Alice Roberts had a program on BBC about it last night. She reckons invetro fertilization is the way things are going in the short tern anyway. Any given couple would get say five eggs fertilized. These would then be DNA tested for any/all known problems. The best one then picked out, and away you go. Nothing left to chance.

I can’t remember the name of her program, but here’s a list of her books.


There is a Kid already alive who will live to be 500.


currently the molecular structure of the brain means you can’t live past 115


He is going to be known as the GOAT.


Has he been fed anything other than huel?


It would feel like living to 500 was the line you needed


The guy who sings "I’ll be riding shotgun " is a dweeby looking white guy


I accidentally put my wallet in the left hand side pocket of my pants instead of the usual right hand side, I was all out of kilter for a good few mins, I think I’ve discovered I’m OCD


Welcome to 6 months ago.
In other news, Cork made a balls of the All Ireland hurling


I thought it was a shit actor in the video at first. Turns out he really looks like that. I bought tickets for his gig the other day for Mrs j and the little lady. Apparently he’s pretty good live.


I’d be the same way myself. Wouldn’t be able to take the wallet in left pocket