Things I learned today


The though of going around for a whole day with the wallet in the wrong pocket absolutely sickens me!


Wallet, watch, testicles, spectacles
You’re good to go.



The word ‘esperanto’ means ‘a hopeful person’


@fenwaypark is a pool shark



I’d ate that



I had not heard of that



She’d ate herself.


Okeydokey, dog thread it is


I’d say she has the nuts licked clane off herself


Oim actually an honorary freeperson of the state of oklahoma, so Oi know about Indians.


Geddaway. I’d love a nice Indian


The darling of the Italian Nordie community, CliOdhna Hagan has suspiciously large facial features. It’s quite possible she’s a man, or was born one.


** The crest of Drogheda United is an adaptation of the town arms of Drogheda, which feature the heraldic symbols of a star and crescent over a shield depicting St. Lawrence’s Gate, three lions and a ship. The three lions passant – as Drogheda lay within the Pale and was a besieged garrison town – and the ship represents the town’s port.[14]

The club crest focuses on the star and crescent element of the town arms of Drogheda, and are the royal seal of King John, who gave the town its charter.[14]The crest is similar to that of Portsmouth in England, given by King Richard I of England. His own crest was the source of the star and crescent symbols, which he had taken from the Byzantine Emperor’s standard of Governor Isaac Komnenos after capturing Cyprus.

They share the same club colours as Trabzonspor, in Turkey – and in 2011 the two sides became sister clubs. These were given in favor of the Ottoman Empire’s great assistance during the Irish famine**



What a bollox of a word and an idea


It’s child abuse - the world is mixed up enough without doing that to a child… if the child gets a bit older and expresses confusion etc. etc then that’s a different story, but if youre born into a male/female body than the parents should treat you as such at least until you catch little Johnny in his mothers/sisters dress and high heels.


Bradley and Nick Chubb of NFL Draft 2019 1st round class are 2nd cousins.


Bradley also has a brother who plays in the NFL and his auld lad was a pro as well. There is a decent documentary on YouTube which follows him and Saquan in their prep for the draft.