Things I learned today


Ronnie O’Sullivan is a grandfather.


When did Ronnie find out?




Andy Murray has a knighthood, did not know that


The origin of how we write our numbers relates to how many angles there are in each figure.
0 has no angles, 1 has one, 2(z) has two etc.
This lad explains it properly (around 22.40)


That fucking woo woo woo, the cunts doing it should be shot.


This gets very interesting


Things I learned yesterday - Frank Murphy is no longer Cork Secretary,


That would be a great story if it was in anyway true at all, which of course it isn’t.


Go on…


Go on…


Come on man.


Have you the numbers to back that up?


If there are no angles in a 0 how many angles are there in an 8


Much appreciated. I generally believe the best in a man until I discover the worst. He’s dead to me now.


8 the way he writes it




Look at the state of fucking 9 sure. He literally drew on a squiggly bit to get up to 9. And the two lines through the seven.


And a half line at the end of the 5 for the craic too. If they were going to come up with the numbers based on how many angles they could fit in you’d have thought they could have had more creative designs


Aye, but I don’t think dogmatic adherence to actual angles was the point, assuming there is historic basis etc.