Things I learned today


We need the thoughts of the TFK angles expert on this matter.

cc @balbec


Yeah. “Historic wankers”, as Jay cartwright observed in episode 3 of series 2


Acute story, but it’s a load of bollix




I guess that’s a normal reflex to that story.


For Arabic numbers I would pass that query onto @chocolatemice or @Rocko


You are being obtuse now.


Ok guys, I know most of you will get the great pun in my post but you don’t need to follow it up with a shit pun of your own.


I’m not Abel for the bastards - Useless cunts.


+1. Some people obsess about trying to find an angle and registering a hot take.


its an interesting hypotenuse


Toms old aunt
Sat on her
Coat and hat


Was it a fancy hat?


True, Zero wasn’t invented until centuries after the other numbers. 8 & 9 are the greatest make up cons I’ve ever seen.


I’m prepared to give the Guinness world record counter upper some slack here


Celtic are not in first place in the Scotch league :astonished:


It’s wide open.


Due to climate change, Santa is now considering relocating to the South Pole


Spoofing TV chef Rory O’Connell is a brother to Darina Allen. The pair of them are on now creating hideous concoctions one of which involves pheasant feathers.

The world is fucked.


Spoofing? Rory is one of the countries most respected chefs, and the best teaching cook in the business