Things I learned today


He’s done this a few times. Nothing to concern yourself about. Other than a little 'global warming ’


I was worried in case I’d have to build an underground chimney


From Cark is he?


Anyway everyone knows that it’s the cow farts that are melting the ice


Oi!!! Leave the wife out of this .


Laois I think


The people in the apartment opposite my balcony like to have sex parties with the curtains open.


Did they ever give you a wink and invite you over?


How powerful is this telescope?


Not powerful at all. The scene of the crime was no more than 20ft away.


Do the dacent thing…


I’m out having a pint now to get over the shock. If they are still going at it when i get back I’ll let you know!


Are they in any sort of good order, or is it a flaccid middle aged mess?


I found out the following a couple of weeks back.

The widely derided line “you’re cheap and you’re haggard”, commonly thought to be written for the widely derided Ronan Keating/Moya Brennan version of “Fairytale of New York” in 2000, was in fact being sung by Kirsty MacColl herself as far back as 1992.

One has to presume it was MacColl herself who wrote the line.

All is changed, changed utterly.


Toni tenille, of captain & tenille fame

Was a backing singer on pink Floyd, the wall.



1 in every 3 cases of severe domestic abuse in Oireland is against men.


Reported abuse


Krakatau is actually west of Java, not east as the film title suggests.


Not learned as such but this morning I heard Barry Egan speak for the first time ever, odd (but very good) that he’s never on TV or radio.


He was great in the 1992 Munster final but never really pushed on in a cork jersey . His brother was a great minor .