Things I learned today


Surely eating unripened stuff can’t be good for you?

I heard that peppers are just sprayed different colours.


I HEARD THAT ABOUT WOMEN!! @Brimmer_Bradley is on to something here


Did peppers used to taste better? I remember green peppers in particular having a lovely but very mild kick off them when I first started eating them. They just taste like water now and red ones just taste like a sweet version of water. I suspect they’ve gone like tomatoes from the mass production


Salt is killing your tastebuds, bud.


Refrigeration nullifies the enzyme responsible for flavour, according to some lad on tge radio


I’ve replaced the bell peppers with sweet peppers. No taste or spice off the bell peppers at all. No spice off the sweet peppers either obviously but there is taste at least.


You should grow your own peppers, bucko. I do.


Nostalgia and salt are jointly responsible for the commonly held INTERNET view about every chipper in Ireland that “they aren’t as good as they used to be”.


I didn’t think you were capable of learning anything. Isn’t your ‘mindset finished’?


Just because you yourself have an inability to learn, it doesn’t mean you should project it onto others.

Especially concerning a discussion about chips, large specimens of which you are equally burdened with on each shoulder.


And different butchers sausages tasted different too.


Ooohhh hello sailor


I had hoped @artfoley would get the chance to jump in with that. You could have left it to him you know


@sidney will have to get up earlier in the afternoon if he wants to beat me


Do you bore yourself as much as you ought to?


I only bore boring people. No reasonable person could ever accuse you of not falling into that category.


According to a lad on the Internet 99.99% of all the creatures that have ever existed have already become extinct
And that was without having plastic in the oceans.


Sunderland have a player in their squad called Max Power


Disappointing that he’s born before the Simpsons episode


He was named after his parents dog. Not sure which is worse