Things I learned today


AppleCrumbled hasn’t a clue about limerick hurling.


Life is expectancy for men in Glasgow is less than in Gaza.




Life expectancy for a man in Glasgow is 10 years less than that for a man in Kensington and Chelsea Borough. On top of that life expectancy in Scotland and Wales is currently falling.


Ireland is in the top 10 countries worldwide in relation to GNI.

Well ahead of… well look at the list to find out.


how come hardly anyone drives a new car in oIreland? you’d really notice after coming from a proper country like the UK or America


Must be something to do with the year numbered Reg.


I’d assume it’s mostly to do with people taking advantage of the falling strength of the pound and buying higher spec 2nd hand cars from the UK/North.


Dogs can be racist.


There are some amount of doctors and professors of Oirish history.


Never knew yer man McCullagh was a doctor.


There is a band called TFK.
An abbreviation for Thousand Foot Crutch. They’re Canadian and Christians apparently.


Seriously is today the first time you googled TFK?


I just hadn’t noticed it before.


Thousand foot krutch and I’d say they owe a lot of their web hits to @Rocko


It might be the other way around.

We could give them a bit of business on the old T-Shirt front.


This forum is full of right wing Christians :thinking:




This appears to have been a coincidence, a Cark band don’t you know


Jesus loves you…