Things I learned today


Una is the Irish for Agnes.


I doubt that.


Limerick and Cork are equally full to the neck of weirdo deviants


Fatboy Slim was in The Housemartins.


Dont believe her


Ah come on binky.


Danny Drinkwater plays for Chelsea.


Alicia Keys is fighting AIDS.


Well, he get’s paid by Chelsea. Doesn’t exactly play


Karren Brady is
A. A Baroness, and
B. Chairperson of Philip Green’s fashion empire.


I just learned who ‘Sir’ Philip Green is…


The wife…




You can purchase “shoutouts” from various Celebrities on the INTERNET :rofl::rofl::rofl:

$250 for a personalised video message from Stormy Daniels :open_mouth:


Dont think that is correct. She does a lot of charity work in that field.


Countries that used to be in the old Yugoslavia such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia all speak the same language but regard themselves as speaking different ones to the extent that they hire interpreters for things lije court cases that essentially aren’t required.


Might be vastly different accents. To be honest you could do with an interpreter for some of the nordie accents


fuck right away off. Christ! When I go to Dublin or Galway but especially Cork Limerick, Clare or Kerry, it takes me 48 hours to “tune in”. Fuckin gobbledygookers!


If you read that in a nordie accent it just comes out as a high pitched nyyyyyyyyyeaaaaah