Things I learned today


Dis, dat and doze


Formula 1 is still a thing. Like, how?



TG4 now Jackie Tyrell didn’t think he was good enough!


Sarah Paulson is dating Charlies mom from Two and a Half Men.


Ashley Cole is still playing professional football for Derby County


Eamon Dunphy is a liverpool fan


Proof please…


Was listening to a bit of Sabaton last night in work at about 3am and discovered the story of this chap. The word hero is used a bit too often but by Christ if anyone deserves that title it’s this fella.


Eh, him saying it on national television. Check out his appearance on the ray darcy show Saturday night on the player, then forward an apology for doubting me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is Eamon Dunphy.

How can you take anything he says seriously?


He said it, its something i didnt know, i posted it here, simples. Im not sure why he’d lie about it but feel free to provide evidence to the contrary.


He played for Man United, that’s evidence enough.
And don’t be bringing that turn coat Michael Owen into this argument either.


You asked for proof, i provided it. I note it was my reply to farmer you replied to, not my reply to you…


If your idea of proof involves me sitting through the Ray Darcy show, all I can say is… you win.


Hes the last guest if that makes it easier for you


Jean luc is back


Make it so.


He’s said it a few times on his podcast.


Stewy Byrne is Kelly Ann Byrnes brother