Things I learned today


That means he has to watch the whole thing.


Theres an auld fast forward function available nowdays flatty. Anyways hes intentionally avoiding watching it as it will confirm what i said :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sean Longstaff, the young tyro playing midfield for Newcastle is a nephew of Alan Thompson and his father was the first man ever to win over 100 caps for the British ice hockey team


A talented family


That is a smashing fact to learn. :clap:


Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi is a nephew of Jay Jay Ocacha


You can die happy now…


All polar bears have a common female ancestor who was an Irish brown bear.


What a slag





Was she left handed?


Had to be - how else would she end up that far off course to the north west when out for a dip.


Resident forum neo-Nazi and fanatical Zionist @labane1917 thinks Puff Daddy is an anti-Semite.


Did she ever beat a lion in a fight?




Ah now​:thinking::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I heard it today at a talk, you’ll have to find your own link.


I believe i posted it up here last year some time


Was this a public sector talk? Are we looking to monetize polar bears?


Well give me the names of the people at this so called “talk” and I’ll check out their bona fides myself.