Things I learned today


Why don’t you Google it?


The names of the people at your talk? Where was it on?


He’s a racist. He can’t accept that white bears had a brown ancestor.


I don’t have the guestlist, but you could Google the fact itself. It’s something to do with mitochondrial DNA.


No matter how hard I try Oliver Callan Will never be funny.




There will be more gardai on duty to police the Leinster senior cup rugby final this weekend (35 gardai for 20,000 or so crowd) than there was at Ireland v France match last week(25 gardai for a 50,000 odd crowd.)


Gonzaga don’t fuck about .


A positive side effect of the Brexit fiasco has been that many foreign language schools which normally book into summer language courses in England have chosen Ireland instead and many of the summer language colleges here are booming this summer as a result.


They’ll be there to show the Gonzaga lads the way to the ground.


Paul Scholes took over as Oldham manager a month ago


Paul Scholes is still alive.


The brits are even thicker than I thought


The Gonzaga firm up are up for this I fear for Michael’s


@Fagan_ODowd had quite a storied club GAA career.


20k crowd, really?


That’s what the gardai are estimating will turn up.


There’ll be chaos in the 18,500 capacity ground


A scandal this game isn’t at the Aviva Stadium .


It’s fucking box office alright.