Things that continue to be right


A bottle of rioja and top-notch tapas in the mid-afternoon. Have to go home to the pissing rain now though :unamused:


If drinking a bottle of wine and eating a few snacks in the afternoon is your thing then you don’t need to travel far mate.


It would be nice alright, but work and other real-life concerns generally intrude unless I’m out of the country.


George Weah is the new president of Liberia.


Some life he’s had.

Africa is a mental place though.

Side by side with Weah was his vice-president, Jewel Howard-Taylor, the former wife of the warlord and former president Charles Taylor, who is serving a 50-year sentence for war crimes in Durham prison.


I wouldn’t be fucking with her.



Same girl I take it?




Whats going on in the second photo


That’s as bad as anything i’ve seen on here for fishing for likes.


I added BOD tweet to the original post for context. Opening new renal unit in temple st


A mans gotta hustle


You might give it a like for the effort


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The judge in this case.


You get a better class of sentencing in America.


Proper fucking sentences. The cunt would have got 3 years here.


a suspended sentance