Things that continue to be right


Was thinking of the appropriate word. It came to be afterwards, hairdresser.


Barber shop or simply ‘the barbers’ would suffice.


If there’s a good looking lady working there it is not, by definition, a barbers. It is a hairdressers.


Or a salon.


I was groomsman for a wedding before and the photographer caught a grand photo of me puking into the ditch in the grooms house as we were heading to the church, I’m was on a mad session the night before.
They all slagged me that I’d be asleep after the dinner, if I lasted until than. No way buddy. I lasted the whole day til 5:00am the next morning. I’ve tried to turn up at all weddings and stags since with a bad hangover.


Another ejjit who let’s a woman cut his hair


Same as.

4 bottles of some form of craft beer along with a dregs of a bottle of kilbeggan left over from the Xmas. The should see me right for the early start tomorrow.


A ditch in his house?


Yeah. A kind of water feature type effort. It’s nice in the summer. Pretty average in the winter though.



Off Monday and a sales conference Tuesday and Wednesday


In flying form here mate… 4 bottles and a few shots of whiskey, 6.5 hours solid sleep and a hearty breakfast.

I’ll be gasping for the first pint when it comes around.


That first pint after the church is beautiful.The first of many.


I’m laughing me hole off here as half the pub shake their fist at the sky


Flicking around the channels there and a subdued Ryan Nugent commentating on a fuckin women’s game. Imagine that cunt today. The most exciting finish to an Irish rugby game since Cardiff 10 years ago and the clown is in some backwater in France commentating. Probably had to be seen to do it too to demonstrates rte’s commitment to women.

There’s something nice thinking about the utter seethe he must be suffering through at the moment in comparison to where he could be in the team hotel backslapping all his privately educated mates. We should all hope Ireland win the Grand Slam just so we can experience Nugent not getting to enjoy any of it while he’s off commentating on the Irish women’s team getting hammered.


Followed by the news is an ad for RTE showing the Winter Olympics :laughing:

How low can they go


Pink, I love Alecia Beth Moore.


Mrs ccha gone out
Last of the Black Bush
Dropkick murphys on loud enough to frighten the juniors upstairs

I need a chill before eldest ccha junior brings his gf from Belfast to meet us and stay with us this weekend.


Throw on Going Out In Style on top volume to really mess with his head


I should have posted in the father"s thread!
And move it along 20 years