Things that continue to be right


Is that a stressful event for the house?


For Mrs ccha


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I need a chill before eldest ccha junior brings his gf from Belfast to meet us and stay with us this weekend.

That will be some culture shock for her.


Drinking Orange juice watching the Titanic.

Make her feel at home.


They can take her into Pery Square to take a look at the war memorial.


Point out to her as a humorous historical anecdote that the linen industry in Limerick collapsed after the Famine because many of the Linen Mills were adapted for the grinding of Indian Corn which was brought in for Famine Relief.


Point out that limerick is a shithole and ask about house prices in Belfast.


From Belfast to Limerick.

I would say she will be pretty much at home.

‘Regeneration’ will be a key word this weekend.




Well that went off just fine.






@mac knew


Fucking outstanding. I’ve something in my eye


No mention of when Limerick stuffed* them up there to win the League Cup in 2002?

*stuffed them narrowly on penalties.



Slaughtniel are the kind of club everyother club in ireland should aspire to.


Agreed. Extremely likable even for an ulster side. A credit to their people.