Things that continue to be right



The soccer bantz is different level!

Any nuns around with a slow puncture???


cc @The_Selfish_Giant

I can barely contain myself, the wait has been torturous.


6 quid for 50 cl of Hendricks or Green Spot, same price as Smirnoff and Jameson.

Aer Lingus :clap::clap:


Working for the man. Cc @caoimhaoin. I’d a huge pain in the hole and lost a few days during storm Emma but today I was meant to be working for the man and it’s all been cancelled. Full fee paid! Swings and lovely roundabouts.


I thought you were self employed




I am self employed. I was moonlighting doing one gig for someone else. It happens occasionally.


So what the fuck are you on about?



One of our greatest sporting victories


Probably better than 2009 given that the French and English matches were away


Read the post you lunatic.


Ypu are making no sense.

Why did you tag me?


Incorrect. France and England are awful sides now, they were dangerous back in 09. This was one of the weakest tournaments in living memory.


Because you regularly mention how shit it is working for the man. This is one instance where it has paid off in spades. It wasn’t meant to start a debate.


You are working for yourself you fucking space cadet.

You do not understand the term working for the man clearly :joy:


This has backfired badly for @Juhniallio.


I’m at home with the family having already been paid for a day I’m not going to have to work. And I’m deciding what to put some of my cheltenham winnings on. And I’ve got a bag of smokey bacon tayto(hadn’t tasted them in ages-fucking gorgeous). And I’m going swimming at 3pm. I’m Charlie fucking Sheen here pal.


Explaining =losing