Things that continue to be right


there’s nothing like it, being fresh, a cup of bullet proof coffee would bring you to the next level


Ah its great. The rest of the house is still snoring.
If I had my way I’d go off and steal an old boy racer Toyota starlet with a hole in the exhaust the size of the grand canyon and drive it up and down the estate for a good hour and wake every cunt in the place


At what stage does this start to happen? Like the middle of the day in this house at 6am this morning.


What age are the kids?
My two are 12 and 16. Impossible to get to bed and impossible to get out of bed. The youngest has always been like that but the eldest was always up early until she started secondary and then the early weekday mornings started to kick in


I’ve another few years to go yet so Mike. I’ll live in hope sure.


It’s a lovely time of the day. I love a Saturday when I’ve the house to myself. Mug of coffee while they all sleep and silence in the house and I conversing with 2 of my favorite e buddies. I’m on the road at 9:00 for training and am making up a rough session on paper now.
A lovely time of the day to do stuff like that.


Its great to have a bit of time to yourself, I call it “me time”


I’m after the coffee and two cigarettes. It’s a perfect day for doing a bit of tidying up in the garden. I’ll leave it until 8 though. That’s a respectable hour and fuck email all after that.
Last year I got a note in the door requesting I not start my lawnmower until 10 am on a Saturday. So the next Saturday I had her humming at 7:30.
The doleyes 3 doors down went ballistic.


I was in bed for just after 11 myself. Apart from Mrs Spidey half waking me to tell me how good Nathan Carter concert was with her mother (I know, I know), had a great kip and ready to enjoy the day. I think Paddys weekend and Cheltenham have now been detoxed.


8am is a normal hour Monday - Saturday


Our house is usually mental by now but there was a very late night last night so they’re just arriving down now,
We got a full drum set at Christmas and sometimes half 7 feels like 11 o clock so they could be hammering away for a few minutes before we’d remember it’s a semi detached house at 730


It’s funny the way the dynamics will change as they grow up. You’ll soon have the older ones sleeping in and you’ll get to have chats with the smaller ones in the early morning, when they’re small it’s a group of noise and screaming but it’ll change over time and bigger ones will be on sleepovers etc and you will get to spend time alone with them one on one.
That’s when you get to know what’s going on in their little minds. A great great time in all our lives.


It’s beautiful mornings like this that put me off of the drink.
Mrs Bradley asked yesterday about 7:00 if we’d slip up the town for 3 or 4 drinks, nothing mad just a drink together and be home for 9:00. I thought about it and said I wouldn’t, I knew I’d rather be up and fresh this morning and skip off to training, I think that’s one for getting old thread actually.


Sounds like my regular Saturday morning. It’s probably my favourite time of the weekend. From 6-7 the children are still half asleep on the couch so there’s no watching them. We usually train at 9 so I’d either be planning a session or running through scenarios.

7-8 they start to wake up properly. Just now the young lad decided to steal his sister’s cereal and dump a spoon of it on her head.


Christ the cereal wars. I kind of miss those.


**[quote="Brimmer_Bradley, post:313, topic:25193, I think that’s one for getting old thread actually.

Ah look we’ve all done the Friday night thing of getting trolloxed. I had a good glass of whiskey last night before retiring. But I enjoyed it.


Waiting to go swimming here. I’ve had an almighty row with the wife so we aren’t speaking. Hence I got up earlier than usual for a good sulk.


Now is a great time to show Gaa committees and teams how dedicated you are.
Make sure and send off a few messages to your WhatsApp groups about 7:30am.
Let them know that you’re dedicated and on the job Saturday mornings at dawn while they’re still sleeping.


Everything ok bro? Nothing insurmountable?


Bring her back something nice after swimming and apologize.