Things that continue to be right


Watching gurrers who didn’t but a ticket getting caught on the Luas.





You’re a smart fella. Work it out. It ain’t difficult.


Thanks pal. One of the top 5 most smartest.


Green Spot.



Spoils of victory.


Playing astroturf at 48 years old, feeling sore as fuck the next morning, but looking forward to the next one.


Mrs ccha phoned me from TESCO, did I want crested for 27 or blackbush for 26?


Grounds for divorce. She should have bought you both. She doesn’t care.


Where did I say that it was only one bottle?


Apologies. I’ve underestimated the depth of her affection.


Or how comatose she needs him to be later…


Sun-lounger style cushioned chairs with power-outlets in Schiphol Airport and hardly a soul using them. It’s the little things.


The youngest grandchild, aged 6, confirms to me that he’ll "I’ll be making my debut as a player in Croke Park on Wednesday next"
He musn’t have read the history attaching to us - hard to see that many days at HQ in the future.
Good initiave by the National School all the same to bring 30/40 kids up for the day. Fergal McGill must still be an alright sort.


First of many


It’s a great job tbf. Croker and MacDonalds, shur what more could they want.


An interest in a non bigoted sport


Kids just wanna play mate, let them play.


Big screen and all, thats a new development I think