Things that continue to be right


Satisfaction of building a roaring fire on a cold day


That’s a fantastic headline

Is that a stove?
Does it count as a roaring fire if so?

Don’t call me a snowflake because it upsets me. Therefore I am a ???
Fuck sake

Back burner?

Stoves are indeed far superior to the open fire. Any house should have one.


Doesn’t really help but thanks anyway mate. :+1:

To answer your question so. Yes a stove is a fire.


You’ll be making an appearance in he “Things that are wrong” thread when you have to come off the stuff.

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It’s definitely fire mate

Brian Kerr is just fantastic.


Was that not what you asked mate?

Just remember to leave the door open Christmas Eve night

It was a semantics query, not a statement on the merits or efficiency of stoves.
I’d associate the ‘roaring fire’ with an open fire, just wondering if I was alone in that?


Very well. Glad we got to the bottom of this quandary my friend. Onwards and upwards.

Ya, and fuck stoves.

It’s a stove. Roaring. Fire. Not open fire.

Any lad with an open fire aka a 42” LG tV needs his head examined.

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All the heat lost up the chimney, only a Luddite would have an open fire