Things that continue to be right


Great to see the Ravens in action CC @the_fingal_Raven




The outpouring of ecstasy from the Roma players, staff and fans when Kostas Manolas scored the third last night.

Wonderful to see in a tournament which has become known as a big boys’ club.




I’m finished work til next Thursday.
We’ve a family wedding this weekend.
I’ve just written a speech
Ive just sorted out a lasagne.


Will you leave a wreath from TFK on @Fagan_ODowd’s grave ?


I’m sure he’ll present himself. I’ll keep an eye on the bushes.


He might be lurking near the electric car charger. Or playing tennis on the upper or lower court.


Dermo Connolly back hurling for Vincent’s tonight


Is he any good mate?






Shit. The one thing I had going for me.


The bile on display this evening :clap: :ronnyroar:

Nothing like a bunch of queers singing around the start of the championship to draw out the dark side of most TFK posters :pint:


I’m on top of the world mate


My first joint in a year



Mind can’t hack it these days unless I’m off my tits but I remember when it used to be good. Enjoy bro.


This is how it should be


Good on you. You’re my friend whether you like it or not