Things that continue to be right


Life always seems wonderful after a spliff. And a few nice beverages after. You have come down though, or stay elevated.


He doesn’t like it. He thinks you’re a cock.


He’s entitled to form whatever opinion he likes. Just as your parents are entitled to look upon you with shame and horror.


A lads and ye haven’t even been to mass yet


Didn’t know where to post this but enjoyed it.



Sarah McInerney’s weekly short pieces to camera on Twitter previewing the Tuesday Late Debate.


A swim in the middle of your working day. It’s beautiful outside lads. Sun shining, fresh sea breeeze, nice waves and not an abortion in sight.


There’s been nearly 2000 posts on the abortion debate thread since I muted it. A quick pop inside today shows this to have been a wise move.


I have avoided it from day one.,


Everyone continues to be right.


Wait til they get to week 12


Limerick Gaa is box office !


Fuck off.


Box office = tiresome