Things that continue to be right…


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You’d be thirsty all the same

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Hspoy to dish out the 10th like there.

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Cheers aul pal. Sitting away in Sinnotts (Gaelic bar) with him now. In good form!

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I’d imagine @glenshane spat his cornflakes all over the Aga when he read that.


He’ll love some of the replies

Ffs. That loon has kept herself in the hearts and minds of woke halfwits by yapping every time she sees a camera. Now she’s resurrecting yapping sessions from her childhood


Rough couple of weekends but great to see the queues for the McDonalds drive thru absolutely hopping this morning. Humanity is healing and guts are bleeding.

A lady from a working class background, who worked at low level jobs so as to put herself through college and run for the Congress.

What a loon indeed.


She’s a bit of a mentaller though, you must admit

No. If there were more like her politics would be a better place.


Do you remember her pretending to be handcuffed? Surely you get whats going on?

Back at full steam on the deep fat fryer mate?


A man can dream. Have handed in the CV through the window a few times. Might have to give a subtle wink the next time I work up the courage.

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Pissing rain here all day so decided to go on a drive west towards the Healy Pass. Cleared up lovely as I got to Glengarriff. As I just made my way to the windy section of the pass, I came across a car pointed the opposite way and they were talking to some fella. I kept going as I was eager to make the best of the weather and get a bit of good air and views into me and thought no more about it. Anyway made my way up and spent a good half hour just looking out over onto the view. (See photo below for a taster. Some spot.)

As I was on my way home I was flagged down by the same lad who was chatting to the people in the car with a stick in his hand a lovely dog called Ben. He moved out onto the middle of the road so even if I wanted otherwise, I had no choice in the matter. I’d chat to a dripping tap and I always have a great sense of pride and love for these characters dotted all across our fine countryside. Hello says he and we spend the next three quarters of an hour to an hour talking about farming, sport, the local area, life, marriage, family, parents, children, pubs, travelling, the rising, the war of independence, the civil war, the troubles and more. His name is John and he said he does the rounds up and down the road to keep him fit and pass away the time as he put it. Upon sharing the story to a few, he appears to be a local legend and easy to see why. An absolute gent and he bid farewell to me in a way that nearly brought a tear to my eye. I told him I’d be back in finer weather and I hoped to see him again and we shook on it and left it at that. He’s some man. Must be very tough and lonely but he seems to have a fine outlook on things and it is great he stops people for the chat. Another great example of the great ordinary people we have tipping away quietly and happily and sure maybe they’re happier than most. I’ve been in a very up and down mood all month but moments like that are what I’ve been clinging onto to get me through this funk. The drive home was wet and foggy but I was beaming all the way home. Thanks John.


Was giving a blood donation and the place was packed with donors

An appeal for donors was issued over the weekend and seemed to be a success

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I gave a pint of my finest last Tuesday as well,I await the text saying how some lad in The Matter got my blood on Sunday.It brings a smile to my face.