Things that continue to be right


It’s raining and very overcast here in Galway. Tell me what its like in D4. Don’t leave out a single detail.


You are a bit too close to the bone there :laughing:

They did come back for Cúl camp this week


That’s why the sheer pig headed ignorance of the country boggers will win out over super clubs with their unlimited playing numbers and resources.


Sorry to do this to you pal


‘tis even more ironic when you point out the limerick champs they beat were super club townies themselves.
boggers taking a beating this morning



Wouldn’t mind a royal chicken sandwich


Surely fish sandwich?


@carryharry sorted the boat transport by an absolute gentleman.
TFK comes up with the goods yet again. :+1:
Also thanks to @balbec


Done & dusted?


Yep, well going on Wednesday. Fantastic. Thanks my oul epal.


I hope he’s not doing a Howard Marks on you


:shushing_face: :shushing_face:


So do I.


I’ll take one of the bales on the yacht off you flatty. PM me for deets.



I’d ate that…




I’m a cheap like whore.


Gave it the all-important 10th there