Things that continue to be right


Wifey pulled a stroke a couple of months buying madame a Dublin top. She’s only worn it once so I was still hopeful to wean her away from Dublin. Then at the mini all Ireland she was playing for Roscommon and I decided to bring her to croker today for her first match: Roscommon vs Dublin

It all went as planned and we’re on the way to croker and she’s wearing her Roscommon top. When we go hurling it’ll be purple and gold tho!

Also in rightness her sheer delight at going to croker for the first time.


She’s a Dub, don’t suck all the enjoyment out of it for her,


I hope you packed the Dublin top to stick on her at half time.


In this modern age she’s whatever she wants to be, and it was her choice


She’s a blue scrunchie just in case


The Wexford bit was my point, she’s a Dub, her school pals will be dubs, if she’s good herself she’ll play for the dubs
I just don’t get why parents would want the kids to support their own county


It probably is an alien concept to you but if you want to retain links with your home county and your family while not living there anymore it’s a way of doing it.

I’m sure there’s lads on here who were brought up in other counties but whose parents instilled a love for their own county in them


There’s a lot of strange people posting here
I don’t agree with it but it’s your kid, I’d let the kid make their own links


You sad buck toothed slap headed humberside cunt.


What a pig of a man you are Fooley. Your child born and raised in Dublin but prohibited from following her home county by her ignorant bastard of a father.


And now he’s going to make her endure Roscommon getting absolutely mauled by the county he won’t let her support.


And he an englishman educated in Dublin.


Half the Craic would be her slagging you all the way home about her Dublin hammering your Rossies. If she has cousins or aunts and uncles she could call them on way home to sow it into them.

A bar or two of Alive Alive o to end it


Poor kid will be in tears probably.


There won’t be much to follow in Wexford anyway.


You raising a tomboy mate?


Maybe so, but it’s better than the grown men in tears when limerick put another chapter into unlimited heartbreak.


Hope you die roaring


Your wife, kids, colleagues and pretty much every real person in your life hates you, no wonder you come here to vent


Oh @Mullach_Ide go top yourself